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Land Delivery

Our land delivery option is very popular in the delivery of goods within the same countries of neighbouring countries. Some clients who have their own seprate shipping arrangements also hire pur fleet of trucks to transport their shipments to various ports and warehouses across the world.
Our land transportation system is one of its kind. Few companies across the globe are able to match our land transportation network. You may be thinking of moving goods from one warehouse to another, one sea port to another, one city or even one country to another. Rely on us and get the best services.

All air- and sea freight requires trucking at some stage. Either before departure by air plane or vessel for export shipments or upon arrival or import. Therefore, we have strong ties with many trucking companies, covering the entire  Combined and full truck loads with daily departures can be offered between The Netherlands & Germany and any European country.

Whether it’s full truck loads, sea freight container trucking, parcel deliveries or collections or dedicated trucking: We offer it all. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiry you may have.

Door to Door Delivery

We offer domestic and international deliveries across many countries. We guarantee you that your shipment will arrive in perfect condition. Exactly the same as we received from you or from your correspondent. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS and satellite tracking systems, and all our drivers are contactable by mobile phone. We can deliver either to your door or to your site.